Private Session

My attention is completely on you. With your breath. While practicing Yoga. In the feel of healing touch. I am accompanying you on your journey of self-discovery and the unfolding of your full potential. It is my joy to inspire you on your path of holistic and embodied wellbeing. We both trust fully the wisdom of your body - to heal, to regenerate, to integrate.

am supporting you in a breathwork private session or in a private yoga class to hold the awareness space: while you breathe connected or while you practice the asana. I guide you to feel the sensations in your body, to sense the mental and emotional impulses. Helping you to experience your raw self without judgement and assisting you to stay connected with your inner presence. To awaken to your full potential of embodied wellbeing.

How wonderful that we - if we want and it is necessary - are able to connect with each other from everywhere. I am happy to accompany you online as well. For online Breathwork sessions only if you have already breathed with me in an “offline" workshop, retreat or individual session. 

Hypnosis (one hour)
Preliminary talk at no charge
Session 80€

Breathwork (two hours)
First session 100€
Private session 110€
Private session
in the breath-cycle of 5-10 or more 100€
Returning retreat guests 80€

Yoga (1,5 hours)
First session 70€
Private yoga session 80€
Cycle of 10 private Yoga sessions 700€

EMDR (one hour)
Session 80€

Nuad Phaen Boran (one hour) 60€

Biokybernetik (30min - one hour) 30-60€

“Within your extraordinary world
all I can offer is this truth for you to receive
That I’ll always cherish the deepest parts of you. Thank you for accepting this, thank you for living."

Frida Kahlo

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