The Power of Your Breath

The power of your breath can be the key to your purest wellbeing. With concentrating on your breath and cultivating a conscious connection with the power of your breath we are opening to a healing self-discovery. 

What are your needs and desires? Do you already live the wisdom of your heart? Do you know your highest soul’s wishes? Do you have clarity about the direction of your life?

 Explore your breath to discover yourself
 Explore your breath to discover yourself

Breathe deeply through your nose.
Open your mouth and exhale softly.

Your body relaxes immediately.
The nervous system calms down. 

Do you realise: you can control your breathing pattern and at the same time you don’t need to think about its functioning. The breathing system adapts to our behaviour, to our emotions and even our thoughts. But just 10-20% of our thoughts are consciously “chosen”. Just imagine what unconscious “material” regulates your breathing pattern and your overall physical wellbeing. The potential to work with your own breath is immense to reach a joyful, healthy state of wellbeing.

Our breath is the bridge between our body and our unconscious 
our mental perception and the conscious now-moment

In a breathwork session it’s the deep rhythmic connected breath, in yoga it’s the synchronisation of breath with movement, in yogic pranayama it’s controlled breathing exercises, in meditation the focus is on the subtle expression of the breath. 

Conscious breathing is a life-embracing, life-enhancing practice. With each and every conscious breath we say Yes to an abundant, free, self-determined, life in harmony and clarity.

felicia hayden breathwork the breath itself is pure consciousness

This is embodied wellbeing:

felicia hayden breathwork trauma yoga meditation

...feeling good in your own body the wisdom of your heart
...having clarity about your own needs
...being the happy creator of your life
...being inspirational in your pure wellbeing in your interactions with others. 

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