What is Breathwork?
Conscious connected Breathing

felicia hayden atmen breathwork trauma yoga meditation

The experience of the connected breath - with open mouth, without pause after the inhale and exhale - is strongly connected with our own life journey which might be coloured by intense and most beautiful experiences in our lives. But especially by those which we can’t or don’t want to remember. The core protection mechanism of our innermost being allows traumatic events to vanish from our consciousness.

These can be experiences of our birth, of a passionately lived life, through to experiences of the precious now-moment. Mostly those experiences are repeated unconsciously: masked with a different “costume” in daily situations and personal behaviour. In this manner our behaviour patterns are created: driven by our conditioned mind and by repeating events (being betrayed, left alone, hurt, abandoned, .....) Especially those habits and patterns which do not conform with our deepest inner wisdom. 

Unconsciously and consciously experienced trauma wants to be fully integrated. With the dynamic circular breath - called Breathwork - an entrance to deep layers of our consciousness are able to be accessed. With every deep breath in the rhythmic Breathwork we are able to re-feel, re-sense these experiences. Breathwork makes it possible to return to unconscious trauma material, without pushing you into acting out the drama, But rather it allows you to slowly understand your role and others in a particular situation.

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felicia hayden breathwork private session
felicia hayden breathwork private session

The holistic benefits of Breathwork on your wellbeing

Regenerate your body

  • The parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated

  • Stress and anxiety can be reduced or fully released

  • It can cause deep relaxation

  • The immune system gets strengthened

  • Breathwork is able to support in the recovery period after an accident

  • It can enhance the sleeping rhythm

Feel your heart’s wisdom

  • It promotes your creativity

  • It can help you to feel more emotionally connected and empathetic

  • It harmonises the energy centres

  • emotional blockages can be released

  • it empowers you to align with your higher self - your deepest inner truth

Cleanse your mind

  • It can release deep sadness and trauma

  • Breathwork encourages you to release your core limiting beliefs

  • Higher states of mind can be reached

  • It supports you to be clearer with your needs and with the people around you

felicia hayden atmen breathwork trauma yoga meditation
felicia hayden atmen breathwork trauma yoga meditation

Maybe you already have some daily rituals to take care of your wellbeing: you’re nourishing yourself with wonderful food, having recovery and rest periods during busy times and through body movements you know how to nuture yourself.  

With Breathwork you have a natural, direct and simple tool to change and understand “frozen” situations you’re in and help clear confusion, negative thought spirals and interpretations. Breathwork helps to establish and provide understanding from a deeper state of wisdom and to fully integrate and free you from these situations 

"Find clarity and
live your life in
joyful creativity.
Embody your
purest wellbeing"

One Breathwork session takes about 2 hours

we start with a conversation and intention setting

followed by the act of breathing for one hour

we conclude with an integration period

Breathwork is not solution orientated.
It is a process-orientated, complementary therapeutic method.

That is why it is highly recommended to engage with a cycle of 5 to 10 or more breathwork sessions. Experiences in the Breathwork field throughout decades show that a cycle of 10 breathwork sessions feels both to the client and the therapist as a completion. 

In the cycle of 10 breath sessions it is possible to breathe in cold or warm water, either in a private pool, a bath, in a calm sea or lake, or a waterfall pool. 

First session (2h) costs 100€
Single session (2h) costs 110€
The single session (2h) in the breathing cycle (of 5 or more) costs 100 €.
For former Breathe Beyond-retreat guests the 2h online session costs 80€.

Online meetings have proven to be extremely successful over the past months.

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