Inhale - Exhale

“Your breath
is connecting you
to the Now-moment. 

Thus unlock your full potential.
And embody your purest wellbeing”

Do you want to feel less stressed? Do you wish to be more present? Are you longing to live your life with more self-esteem? Is it your heart’s desire to unlock the full potential of your creativity? 

I support you on your own unique path to reach these goals: to feel your body, to sense your emotions, to integrate and release traumatic happenings that may have occurred in your life. The tool we will work with is the healing power of your own breath. 

Holistic embodied wellbeing is the expression of emotional, mental and physical harmony and symbiosis

About Felicia

Celebrating life, honouring the now, following the rhythm of my heart. Throughout daily life this is often a challenge, but these are constant conscious guides for my own personal wellbeing. A deep joy and sparkling enthusiasm are the foundation for my work with people.
While I was studying history of art in Vienna the breath was already the central tool in my personal practice: in my daily meditation practice, in Asana and Pranayama practice as well as in Breathwork. Intense studies of the yogic system led me to India where I studied with great masters of different yogic traditions. I have experience in Breathwork over many years with many different inspiring teachers all over the world. I am a certified Breathwork facilitator in training and I have started a facilitator education in Rebirthing in the tradition of Leonard Orr. With Breathe Beyond-Breathwork I created a personal approach combining all the experience and knowledge I could gain over the years of practice.
It is not just my job but my calling to work with people to support them on their individual path of embodied and holistic wellbeing. Currently, I am studying the fields of Body- Psychotherapy and Embodied Trauma Healing. 

I am excited to join you on your path
felicia hayden atmen breathwork trauma yoga meditation

Why am I convinced by the healing properties of body-centered therapies? Through experiencing the powerful effects in my own body - in Yoga through the synchronisation of movement and breath - in Breathwork the connected inhale and exhale to reach deeper layers of consciousness - with healing touch in Bodywork we are able to unleash traumatic complexes of our life journey.

This allows me to hold a supportive, caring space for my clients to be vulnerable, feel their feelings, and integrate consciously. One breath at a time. What is revealed wants to be looked at with gentleness and great awareness.
With the tools of Breathwork, Yoga and Bodywork I am here to assist you on your own personal journey towards a consciously created life. In abundance. In joy. In self-love. 

felicia hayden atmen breathwork trauma yoga meditation