Directive and analytical Hypnosis

Through your subconsciousness you can use hypnosis to create a direct access to your inner world: to the unfiltered needs and desires of your body and soul. 

During hypnosis you are highly concentrated and at the same time deeply relaxed. In a preliminary talk we will explain your focus, your concern. Hypnosis helps the critical and alert " gatekeeper " of your brain to relax and can thus receive and process helpful suggestions.

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Hypnosis helps you with decision-making issues.

Let the hypnosis coaching support you in the concrete shaping of different areas of life.

Use hypnosis to focus on the essential when you feel overwhelmed by everyday life. 

Free yourself with hypnosis from persistent and negative beliefs and reaction patterns.

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Sports & Competition

Be motivated to do sports in your everyday life. 

Improve your concentration and resistance to distraction in competitions. 

Overcome fear of failure with the help of hypnosis and withstand the pressure of expectation

Improve your athletic and mental performance with hypnosis. 

Regenerate quickly and effectively with the help of hypnosis. 

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Feeling good

Let us motivate you to lose weight and your individual healthy eating habits. 

Stop unhealthy habits - like smoking or biting your nails - and start to feel good with yourself. 

Hypnosis lets you dissolve fears and get to the root of them. 

Call forth your resources and potentials to live self-determined and happy lives. 

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The hypnosis is used effectively, so that you can realize your goals and wishes in a focused and self-confident way.

Be convinced of yourself and free yourself from stage fright. So that you are perceived confidently in your field of work.

Increase your motivation with hypnosis and focus on your success. 

With the support of hypnosis, professional crises can be transformed into opportunities even more easily.

I work with directive, suggestion-based, and analytical hypnosis, a cause-oriented procedure. Tailored to your holistic well-being and your individual needs. In doing so, I exclusively accompany topics that are related to wellness and self-development.

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You also can work with the power of your subconsciousness and  make use of the almost unlimited possibilities of hypnosis. Namely, to enter into your inner world in a self-determined way and to claim it for your concerns. In hypnosis the brain can store the suggested experiences as real experiences and use them later in reality.


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