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EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

EMDR is a procedure that has its origin in modern trauma therapy. Eye movement is used to process an event, a circumstance, a situation that is highly emotionally charged - this is how the name "Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing" is derived in English.

Today EMDR is used very successfully for a wide range of indications: 

  • for emotional blockages

  • for self-change processes

  • for fears and phobias

  • for the resolution of negative beliefs

  • in the regulation of pain 

  • for mourning processing and separation

  • for resource activation

  • for the increase of self-esteem

  • for all emotionally bound behavior

  • for letting go of the past 

  • in the sports area

In our 50-60 minute EMDR session I follow an eight-step protocol. You vividly bring the memory, feelings, circumstances, events to be worked on into focus, while you attentively follow my hand movement with your eyes. The eye movements cause the brain to be stimulated bilaterally while you are fully engaged with your emotions. Both hemispheres of the brain are addressed and connected at the same time, whereby you perceive a relieving change in your memories. Physical excitement and negative thoughts can also be reformulated in this way.

EMDR is a solution-oriented (short-term) procedure. With EMDR you orientate yourself towards possible solutions, in contrast to problem analysis.

The effectiveness of EMDR has been scientifically proven and research results show that at least 80-90% of clients feel significantly relieved after just a few sessions.

The EMDR session takes about 50-60 minutes and costs 80€.

Nuad Phaen Boran - ancient Thai healing massage

This massage system is an ancient method of bodywork. Some stretches are taken out of the classic yoga asana series. That’s why Nuad is also called “passive yoga”. You are fully dressed, on a mat or mattress on the floor, the Nuad is done without the use of oil. I touch with the palms of my hands, my arms, feet, and knees. I use all my body weight to unlock stagnations in the physical and energetic body.

Your body in its complexity of body-mind-soul benefits from the stimulation of the main meridian points, with pressure on the tissue, deep stretching, acupressure and energetic work. It is not just the skeleton but also the hormonal, nervous and circular system that are stimulated.

Deep healing processes are initiated and visible on the psycho-somatic level:

  • the calm atmosphere of the massage setting allows the body to relax and revitalise

  • the self-healing process of your body is initiated

  • after accidents and operations it helps to extend the range of motion carefully

  • the positive impact on the sleeping habits and the digestive system is achieved through
    the stimulation of the organs and the reduction of stress hormones 

The session takes one hour, with comfortable clothes, on a mat on the ground for 60€ 

Biokybernetik from Dr. Smit

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Hormonal imbalances? Joint pain? Digestive imbalance? An intense tension in your body?

If just one system of our body is disturbed, we’ll feel the consequences mostly in the form of pain. This pain expresses itself on the physical, mental and spiritual level. Often the symptoms are not revealing where the real disturbance in the body is located. The interaction of complex control loops in the body makes it possible to cure severe disturbances and blockages in the body.

The specific touch with the “insmiter” - a steal stick with rounded top - on particular zones of the skin cause nerve impulses (like in acupuncture and micropressure). These impulses help the body to align again in its natural and healthy symmetry and to feel yourself balanced, loosened and healthy once more! 

In loose clothes on a massage table or on a mat on the floor the Insmitation takes between 30 minutes and one hour and costs between 30€ and 60€.

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