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Yoga is a philosophy and a science. Yoga is a lifestyle and a specific way of being. It is a way of how I encounter myself and others. Yoga is a synthesis of breath, movement, focus. Yoga is the alignment of the energy and the dynamic of our mind to the higher self - the divine “I am”. Yoga is a deep inner contentment and serenity. Yoga is the balance of physical and mental flexibility and strength. Yoga is to recognise the marvel in yourself and in every sentient being.

yoga ist die tiefe einsicht dass ich mit allem verbunden binYoga%20is%20the%20deep%20understanding%20that%20I%20am%20connected%20with%20everything%20xs

Let us think about more than about balancing on the hands and touching the toes in a forward fold: the possibility to practice yoga asanas is so diverse and individual as any practitioner him/ herself. The radical difference to conventional gymnastics is the synchronisation of the breath with the movement as well as the awareness phases of sensing and feeling - the flowing energy, the vibrating body, the calmness of the mind.

felicia hayden yoga pose breathwork meditation
das ist verkorperte yogische praxis: wahrnehmen ohne zu bewerten

If we understand this wisdom we are able to use our positive creativity, because we are only suffering as long as we believe our thoughts. 

You will experience how fulfilling it is to step out of your hectic daily life into a consciousness of presence and to experience your unburdened and relaxed sense of being.

From the yoga mat into your daily life! 

For You

Do you want to try yoga for the first time? Do you want to get to know yoga asanas, meditation, pranayama, the subtle art of mudras and powerful mantras?
Or are you an experienced yogi who is searching for assistance in deepening your practice, maybe even in combination with traditional tantric (nonsexual) rituals and mantra?
Do you wish to unite a healthy balance of strength and flexibility? Are you searching for a yoga routine, which is helping you to build muscles and a wider range of flexibility for arm and leg balance (and for a healthy daily life!)? 

In the group or in private sessions I teach - depending on the theme and purpose - traditional Hatha Yoga with focus on the lunar and solar energy systems of the body
or vinyasa orientated asana practice which is mainly focused on the synchronisation of the breath and movement, as well as the invigoration in power yoga flow or slow flow.
With guided meditation and visualisation as well as pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) I support you to calm your mind and connect with yourself. 

felicia hayden yoga pose breathwork meditation
felicia hayden yoga pose breathwork meditation
felicia hayden yoga pose breathwork meditation

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